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new blog!


hey guys, i decided to start a new blog off of blogspot because that site lets me be a little more creative with the layout and whatnot. so please check it out. i need followers badly! lol so far i have zero..


deadbeat summer


a polaroid moment


    Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.

"mama if that's moving up, then I'm moving out." billy joel


I went thrifting and bought some really good items for my wardrobe. The striped shirt is isaac mizrahi and the pants didnt have a tag inside them.  Both cost me about six bucks.  I also bought high waisted floral shorts, a skinny brown belt, a black and a white graphic tee and a purple cardigan.  I shall post some photos of these later. Happy fourth of july everyone!

Feather Front Dress Sketch


I was sketching the other day and decided I really like the way this turned out, so here I am posting.  I'm invisioning the front made of ostrich feathers, strong shoulder of course, and a flowing train in the back.

Art Institute of Charleston: Summer Worshop 2010


I was part of the Summer 2010 worshop at AI and spent almost a week learning about fashion merchandising, meeting designers, and creating my own "recycleable" dress. We had to do a Project Runway inspired challenge.  We had thirty minutes to find any items in a grocery store, with a $40 budget, in which we had to create a garment from.

 I created it out of trash bag, and the jeweled belt was made from a garden accessory.  I had to take a hammer and smash two of them to pieces.

Thats me next to my finished design at the show case.

live unrestricted


"I've got a hole in my heart,

i try to fill it, fill it, but it gets bigger and bigger,

 until its always running, running, running."  miike snow, Animals.

Jessica Alba for Genlux Magazine


She recieved alot of criticism for these photos, people saying that she couldn't model to save her life, but I personally love the whole spread.



I'm back!


I got back into Charleston yesterday around four and was too exhausted to even think about posting. The trip was amazing, life changing if you guys want me to get melo-dramatic.  The kids I interacted with were the most precious children.  They essentially had nothing.  Some kids wore the same outiftis each day. It touched my heart that these kids were thriving in poverty, or trying to at least.  On the last day, one of the girls Jaenice asked if she could come back with us and I nearly burst into tears when I had to tell her no.

My friends (left to right): Me, Julianna, Jared, Alex, and Hayden.

A preciuos girl named Shaydiamond who told me she lives with five brothers and sisters. She' s in third grade and takes care of her eight month old borther.

We were sitting listening to the mini lesson on God's love. I'm in the blue shirt in the back with Savion on my lap.

Demarcus and I :)

Above: Tyrik's favorite thing to say was "You so crazy."

The kids possibly gave me more than I gave them. It was an experience I will never forget. All these kids wanted was love and attention and I hope to possibly go to Ecuador next summer on another missions trip.                  

Winston Salem, here I am, almost.


This post isn't fashion related but I figured I would post about it anyway. Tomorrow I'm driving five hours to Winston Salem, North Carolina with my church to mission to inner city kids.  We're part of a nation wide organization that's coming for four days (over 1400 people) to provide food, games, and any other needed services for children ranging from k4-5th grade.

Before signing up to go on this trip I had no idea where or what the hell Winston Salem was. In Winston Salem is Wake Forest University, where we'll be staying in unoccupied dorms.  Below is a pic of the campus I googled.

Outside of the college campus is the downtown area. It's not very pretty.  Alot of kids we are going to be helping are coming from broken homes in the slummy areas.  I'm happy to be helping make a change in their community. 

I'll be gone for about five days so I won't be posting.  But I'll have my camera of course to take many, many photos.

xoxoxo tory. 

life is too short.  live every moment like its your last. party during the day if you feel like it. lie to yourself if you have to. yes, i'm that girl, who indeed, is a fashion addict. and i don't want rehab.